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Last night me and Needham hit up FBi Radio for a chat about the latest single ROLLIN' Afterwards we hit the pub and put together a little edit of what went down.

Little insta vid we recorded and shot over a couple hours.

insta - @crookedcity @rhymeslingercecil

Recorded this track in one night, shot the video in one night. This track came out quick! Used some new lights for this clip and we think they came out dope!

This was our first ever, legit music video. We headed a couple hours south of Sydney to an abandoned train tunnel that is apparently haunted! Also found an old brewery which looked insane!

Shot this video in Chinatown over the weekend to go with our Lorde Remix for the Triple J Unearthed Comp. Track was too dope! Had to create some visuals to go with it!
Recorded, mixed, shot and edited this vid yesterday afternoon. Got that lo-fi feel about it. Shouts to @rhymeslingercecil for coming down. ⚡⚡⚡ @cecilrap

An entry for the 20xx comp. Jump over to to see more or get involved! Recorded, shot and edited all within 3 hours 

Needham teams up with Yvonne Robertson to write the debut single, 'Watch Me'. Produced and Directed by Crooked City - Now available on iTunes // Spotify // Apple Music // Tidal